Saturday, November 30, 2013


"Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you."

"Have you been praying about a situation in your life and found yourself waiting for a breakthrough?  Sometimes when we pray long and hard about a situation in our life without receiving any answers, we just learn to live with it. We go on about our business, wondering if or when God will send the answer; but, God does hear those prayers, and He's working out the answers even though we may not know all the details and what's going on behind the scenes.  Our situation can change suddenly, quickly, without warning! "

"Until then we can either wait passively or expectantly. A passive person gives up; but,  the expectant person, on the other hand, is hopeful, believing the answer is just around the corner, due to arrive any minute. His belief is not a passive thing. His heart is full of hope, expecting the right answers to come at any moment. He wakes up every morning expecting to find his answer. He may wait and wait; but, he'll keep asking until suddenly, God turns everything around in the blink of an eye!"

Today, keep asking, seeking and knocking!  Your answer may be closer than you think.  Don't give up before your miracle happens as it may be just around the corner.  Don't force an answer on your own self-will and miss out on God's best for your life; but, wait with anticipation, hope and expectation and let God's good plans for your life unfold in His perfect timing.  God will answer and often when He does it's "exceedingly and abundantly above what we could ask, think or imagine."  Don't give up hope.  God has good plans for your life and your future and will provide what you need and often more, maybe not on our timeline; but exactly at the right time---His time!  

Friday, November 29, 2013


WORDS---Do you pick and choose yours carefully or do you say the first thing that comes to mind out of a state of emotion?  Do your words build up or tear down,  bringing hurt, heartache and division?  Do you make sure everyone knows your opinion on everything?  Do you talk to a person kindly to their face and then assassinate their character when they aren't around?  Do you think before you speak?

We can be kind with our words just as easily as we can be harsh---it actually takes less effort to be kind.  Recently I saw a gentleman at a restaurant be so rude to the cashier that I was actually embarrassed for him and his family that were around him.  He was simply paying his bill and could have chosen to be kind to the cashier; but, instead he had her in tears.  The restaurant was very busy and she was working as quickly as she could to get the gentleman checked out; but, she couldn't do anything right in the man's eyes.  She wasn't moving fast enough, and even after she politely thanked Him and counted his change,  he hatefully recounted it, every penny loudly,  blasting some expletives in the process about being short changed in the past at another restaurant.  In the grand scheme of things, nothing was wrong.  Nothing was wrong with their food, their server, etc., the gentleman was just being rude and made such an embarrassing scene.  How miserable it must be to live life that way---so  bitter, hateful and unkind and being unkind to others.  I felt God reminding me that we reap what we sow and it's just as easy to be kind as it is to be hateful and impolite.  "Power of life and death are in the tongue," and the "tongue can be as sharp as a two-edged sword."  We can be encouraging with our words or we can cause harm.

When you pay kindness forward with your words it comes back to you.  It's pleasing to God.  He sees it and honors us.  It's part of the golden rule "treating our others as we'd like to be treated."  It takes less effort to be kind than rude.  Today, pay kindness forward by building people up, keeping the peace and being kind to those you come in contact with; after all, you never know what battles they may be fighting in their own life.  Your kind words may be just what they need to get through the day.  God rewards kindness---"blessed are the peacemakers."  Today, "may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to God" and may I pay kindness forward and hopefully make someone's day a little brighter.  This not only honors others; but, it honors God and speaks volumes of one's character.  It gets His attention and in sowing good seeds, He'll be sure you reap an incredible harvest!  

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, my God, my Rock, my Foundation, my Deliverer, and my Redeemer.  For in you I have found Grace and Favor.  May I bestow the same grace, favor and kindness to others as I treat them the way I'd like to be treated."

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks with a GRATEFUL Heart!

"Give thanks for He is good…"

One simple concept can get us through the most stressful of times. It's called GRATITUDE!  It is the key that unlocks positives and blessings in our life as we give thanks and remain grateful to God regardless of what's going around us or in our lives.  Through faith, giving thanks and having gratitude we have the ingredients that open the doors and pave the pathway for God to work in our lives, turning problems into blessings, making beauty for ashes and release His blessings in our life.  Gratitude can turn life's challenges into unexpected gifts.

"Gratitude to God is the theme of Thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims gathered to give thanks to God for their harvest, which was pitifully small. When we look around at all the things we have today, how can we help but  be grateful to God? Our families, our homes, our friends, our fellowships, our day to day blessings, etc., all these things are free gifts of God to us. 'But for the grace of God,' we would not have them."

Today instead of focusing on what's wrong in your life, turn those things over to God and focus on what's right---with a heart of Thanksgiving and Gratitude.  This gets God's attention and paves the way through faith for His blessings and favor to unfold in our lives and for Him to continue leading us into the greater purpose He has for our lives.  Today, Give Thanks with a GRATEFUL Heart and watch God work in your life!  May we not forget where we might be;  but,  for the grace of God! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Living a Life of Gratitude

"Give thanks to the Lord.  He is good.  His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!”

"When you live with an attitude of constant gratitude, not only do you thank God for what He’s done in your life, you start thanking Him for what He will do in your life. You thank Him for opening doors for you. You thank Him for increasing you. You thank Him for bringing the right people into your life. When you say “Thank You” to God for the things that are coming, it’s really a declaration of your faith in Him. You are saying in essence, “God, I’m so sure of Your goodness, I’m so sure that You’re working in my life that I’m going to thank You right now for what You are going to do tomorrow!”

"The best days of our existence lie ahead."  All the strength we need to face anything is at hand.  Let go and let God help today.  He is good and has good things in store for our lives.  Today, live a life of gratitude and thanksgiving and experience the difference it makes.  Let's thank Him with gratitude for what He's done, is doing and is gonna do in our lives!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Watch the Signs

When we are traveling, it's important that we look for signs along the road to arrive at our destination.  With today's technology, gps's, smartphones with map applications, etc., have almost made hardcopy maps and road atlases obsolete.  This new technology makes it easy to arrive from point a to point b providing turn by turn directions to our destination and alerting us if we get off course.

On the road of life there are spiritual signs along the way as well.  Stay under God's protection and on the right path to His greater purpose for your life by following these signs, trusting Him and not worrying. Don't be afraid, have courage. These signs help us in decision making, knowing  which turns to take in life to follow God's lead into greater purpose.  If you'll pay attention to these signs, you'll find it's easy to stay on course and experience the protection, peace and joy that only God can provide. If you fail to heed the signs, the road gets rough, you may feel lost and less confident. You may make poor decisions or take wrong turns trying to find your own way, delaying the journey to the good things He has in store and wants to fulfill in your life.  You may become anxious about the unknowns waiting around the corner, and even veer off the road; but, take comfort in knowing if you get lost, God will find you and get you moving again in the right direction.

We don't have to be anxious because God guards our paths and preserves our way. Why waste time ignoring His signs, going it your own way, when it's not going to solve anything and simply delays His best for your life?  When we have an attitude of obedience, see and follow His spiritual signs and directions, we always arrive safely at the right destination He desires for our lives.

"He that has eyes to see let him see.  A seeing eye of faith, to see the greater purpose of God in everything and faith to see His care. He has brought you safely through your life so that you can be of use and fulfill your greater purpose in life. With eyes of faith you can see God's care and purpose everywhere."  Today, God help me to see and follow the spiritual signs that You've placed for me on the road of life. When I see them, I will obey them and follow Your directions safely through to the life of blessings and greater purpose you have in store!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Life is hard? Compared to what?

"When I hear somebody say "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, compared to what?" (Anonymous)

We've probably heard many of the negative quotes about life.  Certainly there are things in life that are harsh and cruel.  We see such things in the media every day.  Sometimes we may even experience tragedy in our own lives.   It seems the media thrives on reporting bad, tragic or negative press; but, there are some very wonderful things going on as well---everyday all around us. It seems that we've been conditioned to focus and give attention to the reported horrors and tragedy instead of the wonders and good things.

Do you look for the good in life or are you focused on the negative?  Good things happen in life everyday all around us.  Will you open our eyes and see them?  God is near everyday and working for the good of our lives.  Are you living in an awareness of His presence and His goodness so you see it and acknowledge it, giving Him thanks when good things happen---even the small things?  God wants to strengthen us so that no matter what happens, we'll be preserved and protected under His covering and assured He is good and has great plans for our lives.

Today, focus on the good, who God is, His grace, unchanging nature and the good things He's doing in your life and in the lives of those around you.  Regardless of circumstances and how you feel, hang on to God's unchanging character. Remind yourself what you know to be eternally true about God. He is good, He loves you, He is for you and with you and knows what you're going through.  He cares and He has good plans for your life.  "Never doubt in the dark what God told you in the light." Trust God to keep his promises. During times of spiritual dryness or challenges of life, patiently rely on the promises of God, not your emotion.  Realize that He has you and your life in the palm of His hands and is taking you daily into deeper levels of spiritual maturity as you continue to walk with and grow in your relationship with Him daily.

Today, as you walk in awareness of God's goodness and the good things He's doing in your life, may you find a fresh positive outlook on life, a renewed sense of Hope, and a sense of unwavering gratitude that will sustain you through the ups and downs of life!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grumbling or Gratitude

"It's virtually impossible to grumble when we're grateful."

It doesn't take much for most of us to look around and find a long list of things we have to be grateful for.  Even if things may have worked out differently than we'd hoped or planned or if we are dealing with adversity, gratitude and a spirit of thankfulness is one of the best antidotes for self-pity, depression, oppression, adversity and seemingly less than perfect or challenging times.

 If we truly sit and made a list of "everything" we could think of, including all the day to day necessities God's blessed us with---the things that we may often take for granted, we would find our list would continue to fill. Our families, our homes, our friends, our various fellowships, all these things are gifts of God to us. “But for the grace of God,” we would not have them.

"Thankfulness opens your heart to My Presence and your mind to My thoughts. You may still be in the same place, with the same set of circumstances; but, it is as if a light has been switched on, enabling you to see from My perspective. It is this Light of My Presence that removes the sting from adversity."  Give Thanks to God for He is good.  His love, grace and tender mercies are new every morning.  

May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing through the experience of your faith that by the power of God's spirit you may abound and be overflowing with blessings and hope!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

> Listen Trust & Obey <

To find peace in our lives, we simply learn to obey the promptings God gives us each day. A prompting is a "knowing" deep down on the inside, telling us what to do---that God conscious within that points us in the right direction and alarms when we are about to make a wrong turn or decision.  A prompting isn't a whack on the head with a hammer (although it may seem to take that to get our attention if we are hard headed).  It doesn't even have to be a voice. God often gives direction by speaking to and touching our heart rather than our ears, so you may simply need to listen to and follow your heart.

As we learn to listen to God and follow His lead, we discover that things go well for us.  That's been my experience and the experience of so many I know.  No matter what the situation, listen to God, trust Him and obey His voice. You may not understand the reasons or Him leading you in a certain direction; but, as you listen, trust and obey, you'll experience a peaceful calmness as His greater plans for you unfold in your everyday life!

So today, listen up, trust and obey the promptings of God's still small voice inside.  When you follow your God conscious, you'll never go wrong for He'll never lead you astray. Today, take comfort and direction in the sound of the gentle stillness of God's voice, however you hear it, being assured you're on the right path and affirmed that He is very present and at work in your life!  How awesome is that!

God, I want Your peace, Your guidance, and Your direction for my life.  Today help me to listen, trust and obey your still small voice, however  I may hear it, with anticipation, excitement and expectation of the great things you have in store.  Today, I'll I listen, trust and obey!

Friday, November 22, 2013

God Causes Good

"How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter?"---(Anonymous)

When I read this today, I wasn't sure how to take it, then I burst into laughter.  Of course we see how dated the quote is---I don't know the last time I even saw a typewriter. In any regard, it was the principle and thought process behind the statement that got my attention, got me thinking and took me back to old thought patterns, beliefs and bad ideas about God.  Back when I used to believe and expect that God would cause bad things to happen to me if I fell short.  The old belief of a punishing God who was out to get me if I made 1 simple mistake or if I was doing my best and fell short of perfection.  Thank God He has set me free from those bad beliefs, mindsets and thought patterns and has truly shown me who He really is---a loving God who wants the best for His children.  A God who doesn't expect perfection knowing that we are human and whose grace is sufficient to cover all of our shortcomings and see us through whatever we may face.

I'm truly grateful for a renewed real sense of who God is in my life--- loving, forgiving, understanding and caring, who has incredible plans for His children and wants good things for us.  I do not believe God causes bad things to happen; but, shows Himself strong in the midst and on the other side of tragic situations.  Bad and tragic things happen in life and we don't always understand why; but, it's not always God's fault, even though He is often blamed.  We have free will and can suffer consequences for bad choices made in life---as in the statement above who would have really put their tongue close enough to an electric typewriter such that it would get caught.  Yeah, I don't think that’s God's fault---more like a poor choice of free will to do so.  In today's terms of technology with computers and such there's a common term for that---"user error".

Today, take comfort in knowing God's not mad at you or out to get you.  His grace covers your failures and shortcomings and is there faithfully to see you through whatever life brings your way.  He knows we are human, simply wants us to try our best and knows that at times we will fall short.  If He's out to get you, it's not in a negative sense; but, it's simply to get you to draw closer to His loving side so He can prove Himself strong and faithful in your life.  Today, remember "His plans for you are good, not evil.  To give you a future and a hope."  Yes, today I'm grateful that's the God I have come to know and I'm thankful that He shows up faithfully on a daily basis in our lives to see us through whatever life brings and whatever we may face.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thank You

Most of us are taught when we are children to say "thank you" when we receive a gift or if someone did something nice for us.  What about God?  When you ask and He provides, do you say "Thank You" or do you just go on about your day taking it for granted as if it's just "His job"?   Do you live a life of gratitude which thanks Him for what He's done past, in the present and even what He's gonna do in your future.  That's a sign of a life lived with faith and gratitude in which He delights and rewards.

Today, don't forget to say "Thank You" to the one who woke you up today, gives you breath and another day to live and enjoy a blessed life!

"Give thanks to God for He is good.  His mercies and loving kindness are new each day and endure forever."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Your best

Often we get can get so caught up in performance that we can lose sight of the real purpose of what we are working to accomplish---the goal. Often perfectionism can set in and then we find ourselves disappointed if we fall short.  The good news is God is not disappointed in our  performance---yes He want us to be our best; but when we fall short His love for us doesn't change.

Today, do your best and let God do the rest.  He won't do for us what we can; but, He will gladly do for us what we can't!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

•Just Pray•

Studies have shown that prayer lowers stress levels and can heal disease (and heartache). Many of us don’t need studies to believe in the miracle of prayer. We’ve experienced or witnessed its effectiveness as God has listened, heard our cries, and offered help.  Eloquent prayers are not required.  Simple sincere prayers from the heart just as if we are talking to a friend or family member are sufficient.  Prayer  is available to us any time. Furthermore, it’s free, and we cannot put a price tag on the benefits.  

Today, no matter what you face or may be going through, have you prayed about it?  Just pray.  Even if all you can utter is "God help", it's a start.  That's where my prayer life began and it's grown to be so much more!  Try it and let God show you just how awesome and real He can be in your life!

"Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you will find..."


Monday, November 18, 2013


• Rest •

"Come unto me all ye who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

Sunday, November 17, 2013


"Trust in Him: Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you decide to enjoy your everyday life. Trust God and be content regardless of your circumstances."

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Be Still and Know...

•Be Still and Know…•

" Today’s life can be very noisy. If we allow it, all of us can live stressed, uptight, in a hurry and on edge. In the midst of the whirlwind of activity going on around us, with God's help we learn to not let the busyness, the frustration and stress get on the inside of us. It may be hectic on the outside; but, deep down in your spirit, you can be at rest because you know God has you and your life, past, present and future in the palm of His hand.

Maybe you have been worried for a long time or stressed because a dream hasn’t come to pass or upset over a challenge you’re dealing with. 'There may be trouble all around; but, I am calling you to a place of peace. Be still and know that I am God.  Come to Me, and I will give you wisdom, strength and grace for everything you face.' "

"Be still and know that I am God."  
"My grace Is sufficient."  
"My strength is made perfect in your weakness."

Friday, November 15, 2013


"Often, we merely have to give up where  our eyes are focused and look through the eyes of faith and see things in a different way, God's way.  When we do this, we are rewarded with a new vision, one that lets us discover our true potential and the good things He has in store for our lives."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

• God does a better job … •

"I'm getting used to the fact that God does a better job of running my life than I do."

"Once we make the decision and turn our will and our life over to the care of God (surrender),  things begin to happen. We are likely to find ourselves being drawn to spiritual people. Maybe we'll read a book or hear something as simple as the lyrics of a song that God uses to speak to us in a special way. God is acting on our decision, and we find ourselves a great deal happier in God's care than our own."

"God, I offer myself to thee, to build with me and do with me as thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self that I may better do Thy will.  Take away my difficulties that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy power, Thy love, and Thy way of life.  May I do Thy will always!"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where does your help come from?

"And I know who I believe in and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which He has committed..."

"What He chooses to do does not always make sense to us. It does not always fit into our balance of reason. We have a tendency to want things to make sense; but, God wants us to learn to be led by our trust and not by our understanding. We should thank God that His ways are not our ways. Many of us could say our life would have turned out badly if God had given us our way in many situations. It is wise for us to pray, "Your will be done, Lord, not mine."

"For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does…" especially knowing  "…the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, are plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you."  What comfort it brings that regardless of where we are and if we're in a time of waiting on God, we can walk in anticipation and expectation of His good plans for our life to unfold.

"In our time of prayer and meditation, we again seem to hear: "Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Again and again we seem to hear God saying this to us "Come unto me" for the solution of every problem, for the overcoming of every temptation, for the calming of every fear, for all our need, physical, mental, or spiritual; but, mostly "come unto me" for the strength we need to live with peace of mind and the power to be useful and effective."

Today, "May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of His Spirit you may abound and be overflowing …"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's the status of your "NOW" Faith?

NOW:  at this present time; currently; at this moment; presently; this minute; without further ado; at this moment in time.  

What's the current status of your "NOW" Faith?  Not yesterday's faith, not your faith last week, last month or last year; but, "NOW", today---right at this moment.  " 'NOW FAITH'...---If it's not now, it's not faith! "  The entire concept of Faith rests on being certain of the unseen.  The fact that something is unseen does not make it unreal.  "Call things that aren't, with "NOW" Faith, as though they are "NOW".  Claim God's favor "NOW" for your life and over your circumstances.  Fix your attention on God's promises "NOW" and let your Hope graduate into Faith!

" 'NOW' Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. "   Are you looking "NOW" for God's favor and are you seeing the evidence of Him working in your everyday life---even the smallest details?  Are you living in the "NOW" fact that God is for you and with you as you go about your day?  Could it be that the 1st parking spot you got at grocery store or bank was God's favor in the "NOW" making your day a little better?  Could it be that the unexpected discount on a purchase or the unexpected check that came in the mail was God's favor working "NOW"?   Are you looking through the eyes of "NOW" Faith to see God at work as you seek God's answers, guidance, provision and the right doors to open for something bigger your believing Him for?

Today, may your "NOW" Faith, your believing, looking for, expecting, open the doors for you to receive God's blessings and best plans for your life!  Let keeping this "NOW" Faith active present tense, building stronger each day, cause you to experience the fullness of God and take you to places of greater purpose and accomplish things in your life you never even imagined!   "NOW FAITH...If it's not "NOW" it's not Faith" and it could be holding you back from God's best for your life.

Monday, November 11, 2013

When we don't know what to do

"If you need wisdom -- if you want to know what God wants you to do -- ask Him, and He will gladly tell you."

We all have times that something  in life crops up and we don't know what to do.  You can have trouble all around you — stress, frustration and worry; but, the good news is, you don’t have to allow what’s on the outside get on the inside and rob you of your peace, serenity and joy.  When difficult times come, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the waves of worry or fear. 

"Since we couldn’t do anything about it ourselves, we put our whole problem into the hands of God. We turned the whole thing over to Him.  We have nothing more to do about it, except to trust God to take care of the problem for us and follow His divine guidance for our lives."

Today leave your problems, life's challenges and the things that your not sure of what to do about in God's hands.  Remember He's got you and that encompasses any issues in your life that are of concern to you.  If you'll let God work in your life and leave yourself, your life and your problems in God's hands, you'll be in good hands.  God will move on your behalf, give you divine guidance and the wisdom to know what, if anything, is required of you or He will resolve your issue and give you favor and a good report!  

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and he will make your paths straight and crown your efforts with success."

Sunday, November 10, 2013

• Bend so you don't break •

Who can really say they don't like to get their way?  We've likely all seen toddlers and children, cry, "pitch a fit" or throw a "temper tantrum" when they don't get their way.  While (to a degree) this may be funny or cute, it's not so cute when it's an adult.  Who knows when we don't get our way what God maybe doing behind the scenes that fits in with His greater plans for our lives?

God desires us to live at peace with our fellow man to the best of our ability and that requires a little give and take---some bending.  With some people this seems a tall order and virtually impossible no matter how hard we try.  Then there's the fine line between living at peace with others and people pleasing or being a "doormat".

Being flexible (bending) is critical to having peaceful relationships.  Instead of demanding our own way, sometimes we need to be flexible and look at things from a different perspective.  Yes, there may be times we have to take a stand if it's going against who God is calling us to be.  Then there are times that we need to "bend so we don't break."  Let God guide you and you'll know when and how.  When we do this to the best of our ability, God sees it, knows our heart and will honor us for making our best efforts to live and keep peace with our fellowman while walking in His greater purpose for our lives.

"Live at peace with your fellow man, forgiving others as God has forgiven you ... Love is not self-seeking nor does it insist on it's own way."

Saturday, November 9, 2013

IMPERFECTIONS---God uses imperfect people for greater good everyday!

God allows room for our imperfections.  He doesn't expect us to be perfect; just the best we can at any given moment.  He knows when we are trying and giving our best efforts.  He knows there will be times in which we will make mistakes and His grace covers those shortcomings---not to be an excuse to continue in bad behaviors; but to learn from them.  God see's when we are working to be our best and knows sometimes we are gonna miss the mark.

Being a perfectionist really puts undue pressure on us which God doesn't require.  God wants us to be our best; but, knows we are not going to be perfect.  We are human and learn through times that our imperfections, shortcomings and failures are revealed as areas in our lives that need work.  We gain understanding walking through an experience.  I only know of one who was perfect.  God hasn't called us to be perfect; but just our best, living our lives the way He'd have us to the best of our ability.  

"The God we serves doesn't seek out the perfect; but, instead uses our imperfections and shortcomings for greater good.  I am humbled by my own limitations; but, where I am week, He is strong."

Friday, November 8, 2013

+ God Centered Living, Loving and Laughing +

When our hearts are God-centered and filled with love and laughter, we'll find no experience too difficult to handle.   

An attitude of God's love helps us find gratitude in abundance. We'll never doubt that all is well when God, His love and Grace are at the core of our being and reflected in our thoughts, words and actions.  

We'll have fewer amends to make, fewer messes to clean up and spend our time more positively productive as we act in God's will instead of self-will---being who He'd have us be first and foremost!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Be Blessed Walking in Humility and God's Grace.

“Do not be overcome by evil; but, overcome evil with good.”

We've all heard the phrase "turn the other cheek"?  Unfortunately today that is not always a common practice in our society.  Domestic violence rates are at a staggering all time high and people battle and abuse each other often to the point of death every day.  It's more like an "eye for an eye".  Don't get me a wrong, I'm not a believer that we as children of God are doormats and should just allow people to run all over us; but, I do believe when we are walking humbly with God He gives us the grace to stand up for ourselves, stand our ground and stand for what's right, handling situations as He'd have us with humility, grace and dignity.  Remember, "A kind word turns always wrath" and I've seen this work time and again.  

It's not easy when your being disrespected or treated unfairly to be kind; but, God makes it possible and gives us the grace to do so.  How we respond in situations can completely turn around the outcomes and make an impression on others that shows the love of God.  When somebody’s rude or inconsiderate, don’t sink down to their level.  If you're going to rise higher, if you are going to overcome, if your going to live a blessed life, do just the opposite. Take the higher road and show kindness, grace and mercy.  "God opposes the proud; but, gives grace to the humble.”

"Getting even with people doesn't do any good. When we try to get revenge, instead of making us feel better, it leaves us frustrated and cheated. Instead of punishing our enemies, we've only hurt our own peace of mind. It does not pay to nurse a grudge; it hurts us more than anyone else. Hate causes frustration, inner conflict, and neurosis."

Today, walk humbly with God and overcome evil, difficult people and difficult situations by doing good. Show mercy and sow mercy, remembering that we reap what we sow.  Be grateful that "we don't have to attend every fight we're invited too."  Receive His grace, His power, and His strength to be everything and who He’s called you to be.  When you do, God see's this and He will honor, bless and give you favor and take you to places in life you never thought possible---further fulfilling the good plans He has for your life.  "...and if our God is for us, what can stand against us."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lasting Joy - Letting Go and Letting God

“...No one can take away your joy.” 

"No matter how challenging the obstacles or difficult the tests, there is always cause for optimism---the hope that comes from a solid relationship with God and that with Him, through Him, and by Him all will be well in our lives.  Never underestimate the power of Hope."

"Life may not have turned out the way you planned; but, you still have the power to be happy right where you are. God is the source of all joy, and when God gives you something, nothing in the world can take it away. That means other people cannot make you unhappy, no circumstance can force you to get upset. Nothing can take your joy; unless you allow it to happen.  You’re in complete control of your happiness."

“You can’t draw road maps for The Lord.  The attempt to control is such a predictable human response to every situation, regardless of age. Fortunately, the serenity that develops when we give up our control and surrender our will and lives to God makes letting God be in charge rather appealing; but, most of us have spent decades learning and then relearning this.  I can be as peaceful as I make the choice to be today, letting God handle all my affairs is the way---letting go and letting God."

"Persevere and stay joyful in your walk with God, even when it's hard. Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy.  Stay focused on Him and surrendered to His will and it will all pay off when you enter and receive the victory and all the good things He has in store for you!" "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." -

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Decide to Happy Regardless and let Happiness be your way of life.

“Give thanks to God in all circumstances..."

"Have you ever said to yourself, 'I’d be happy if...?'  If you are thinking those thoughts, then you could be allowing what you can’t control to sour your life.  Each day we all deal with people, places and things that we have no control over.  

Make the decision at the beginning of each day that no matter what comes your way, you are not going to get upset. No matter what somebody says, you’re not going to be offended. No matter what interruption or delay, you’re not going to be sour. The key is to decide ahead of time. Then when life happens, when traffic is worse than normal, when your children forget their homework at school, or when your plans don’t work out, it’s no big deal. You’ve already decided that 'This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and BE GLAD in it.'  Release what you can't control to God and let Him take care of it, leaving it in His hands.  Be grateful that you've been gifted another day of life for 'Each day is a gift to us, that's why it's called the PRESENT.'

Don't wait until you’re in the heat of the battle. Make up your mind to rejoice no matter what happens. Decide ahead of time to give Him praise in all things so you can move forward in the joy and peace that He has prepared for you!"

"Happiness is not a destination.  It's a way of life."

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Happy Anticipation of Good Things.

"Hope:  'the happy anticipation of good things.' When we anticipate the goodness of God in our lives, it opens the door to greater happiness. Are you aggressively hoping for something good to happen to you and in your life or worrying everyday with a negative attitude---'nothing good ever happens to me.'  If that's your attitude and your belief, then nothing good will likely happen in your life.

Are you living in happy expectation of good things and claiming God's favor over your life?  As long as we live, we are always going to be heading somewhere. God created us to be goal-oriented visionaries. 'Without a vision, people perish.'  We become bored and hopeless. 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick.'  Do you have an ongoing vision of good things happening in your life?  Do you see it through the eyes of faith and in your minds eye?  When you do, you set yourself for God to pour out good things and blessings in your life.  

God wants us to live by His hope so that we can enjoy life.  You're not going to be happy if you don't have hope. The more hope you have in God, the happier you become. HOPE BELIEVES EVERYTHING IS GOING TO TURN OUT ALL RIGHT! Hope is positive! To enjoy life, maintain a good, hopeful attitude. God is positive, and He wants positive good things to happen to each of us for 'His plans for our lives are good with a future and a Hope.'  Fill yourself with His hope and faith today and live with the happy anticipation of good things unfolding in your life!  As you do you are opening the door for His blessings to be poured out in your life and good things to come to pass---the right answers, the right provision, the right things, at just the right time.

God, I will happily anticipate Your goodness in my life. As my hope increases, I know that my joy will increase and I will see the good things you have in store unfold in my life.  I put my hope in You and I know that you will not fail or disappoint for you are faithful, your grace is sufficient and you have good plans in store for my life and my future!  Thank you in advance for what your doing and the good things that your working on behind the scenes that will unfold in my life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Simply Ask.

"Ask what you will and it shall be done unto you." 

God has unlimited power. There is no limit to what His power can do; but, we must will to have God's power and we must ask Him for it.

God's power is often blocked off from us by our indifference to it and by our going against His best leading for our daily lives.  When the alarms are blaring in our God conscious regarding a decision we are about to make or action we are about to take and we choose to ignore them, going our own selfish way, ignoring God, we pay price for it and have to deal with the consequences of doing so.  We also often find ourselves shut off from the sunlight of His spirit from being disobedient.  We can go our own selfish way without calling on God's help and get no where, in a mess with no power; but, when we trust in God, and ask for it, we have the power we need to accomplish anything set before us. When we sincerely ask God for it, we get it abundantly.

Today, let God lead, guide and direct you knowing it's for your own good, and give you the God given power to accomplish anything set before you.  Today, ask in Faith believing and receive.  Follow God's lead for your life and your decision making and continue to enjoy everyday life---the best life God has planned for you!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

He's not brought you this far to drop you!

"No good thing does He withhold from His children."

One of the biggest fears that people often face today is the fear of lack. It’s the fear that your needs won't be met, that you’ll run out of resources and that God won't come through for you in time.

You may be in a situation of lack that you've never been in before and in desperate need of finances or other resources to simply meet your basic needs. Maybe you’re facing emotional or spiritual lack. The spirit of fear might be attacking you, telling you that God cannot meet your needs and that you won’t make it; but, "God has not given us the spirit of fear; but, power, love and sound mind."

The enemy wants us to live frozen in fear so that we can't be the best God would have us and fulfill His greater purpose for our lives. God cares about your situation, has a plan and is working on your behalf to provide what you need at the right time.  Even when it seems like nothing is coming your way, trust in His provision and give Him all of your cares, fears, problems, worries and failures.  Stop worrying, wearing yourself out trying to figure it all out on your own.  Today, let God help---He really wants to!  Give Him your worries and in return let Him give you reassurance, provision, peace and joy.  What a great trade in!  Remember, He loves you unconditionally, His Grace is sufficient, and He's not brought you this far to drop you!

"Pile your troubles on God ’s shoulders---He'll carry your load and help you out..."

Friday, November 1, 2013

Moving forward with Faith or moving backward without it.

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”

"So many people today are depressed and discouraged simply because they only focus on their present circumstances. They’re constantly dwelling on their problems, what they don’t have, and what’s wrong in their life instead of what's right.  They don’t realize it; but, they’re allowing the enemy to steal their hope. This negative frame of mind is what keeps people from moving forward in life."

Understand today that faith is confidence and assurance about the things we hope for according to the promises of God. Choose today to live with an attitude of expectancy. Get your hopes up! Start by taking captive any negative thoughts you may have one at a time. Leg God replace then with right thinking.  As you focus on God’s goodness and faithfulness, you’ll feel that hope inside you growing. You’ll give your faith a target, and you’ll move confidently into the blessings and peace God has in store for you!  Remember, faith without works is dead, so be sure to put good works behind your faith, being who God would have you be---the way He'd have you be.

God has a great, big, wonderful life planned for you and me; but, if we are stiff-necked, or hardheaded, then we will miss what God has for us. Stubbornness sets us in our ways, and we never stop to ask ourselves if our ways are really God’s ways or not.  Today, when you pray, "Thy will, not mine be done" do you really mean it or do you have your own hidden agenda and wish list of things you want God to do your way?  God's ways are higher and His plans are greater. Be open minded and don't just settle for your own plans and designs, when God may have far better things in store for your life than you could ever imagine.